Frequently Asked

A. While you are checking in at the shop, our beach staff will bring the watercrafts down to Kings Bay Park.

A. Three Sisters Springs is roughly a 30-minute paddle.

A. Yes, there is a possibility to see manatees as we have a residential population of approximately 30 – 40 manatees that live here year-round.

A. Manatee Season starts November 15th and ends March 31st.

A. Our beach staff will give you a brief SUP tutorial before launch, but currently we do not offer one-on-one lessons for stand up paddle boarding.

**We can recommend an excellent award-winning coach for lessons at a low cost.

  1. Singles: 225 – 275 pounds

Doubles: 500 pounds

Canoes: 600 pounds

Jimmy Styx SUP: 225 pounds

Perception Hi Life Hybrid SUP: 280 pounds

Bishop SUP: 300 pounds

Clear-Bottom Double Kayak: 450 pounds

All-Clear Double Kayak: 400 pounds (200 pounds per seat)

A.  Dogs are always welcome at Hunter Springs Kayak! Dogs are permitted in our kayaks but are not allowed to swim in Three Sisters Springs. Dogs are not permitted in Hunter Springs Park. Please bring your pet directly to the launch site for loading.

A. You should plan on wearing or bringing a bathing suit, polarized sunglasses, a hat or visor, and wearing UV protective clothing. You may wish to bring a picnic lunch or snacks, beverages, sunscreen, bug spray and a change of clothes.

A. Singles are roughly 11.5 feet; Doubles are roughly 13.5 feet.

A. We do not have age restrictions. A minor may participate as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian capable of signing a waiver. We believe every child is different and it is up to the parent to decide whether they should paddle by themselves or with a partner.

A. Yes, any body of water in Florida has the possibility of being home to alligators. Typically, alligators will steer clear of you if you steer clear of them. We have had no incidents of dangerous alligator and human interaction at our establishment or in the waters of King’s Bay.

A. As long as you stay in King’s Bay you will not get lost. Our expert staff will provide you with a map and answer any questions you may have about your route. Your safety is always our number one concern!